Presence-activated automatic dustbin.

Stainless steel, with capacity of 42 liters.

Code 001543
Capacity 42 liters
Material tainless steel, with chromed plastic cover
Net Weight 2,500 kg
Product dimensions H: 63,5cm W: 34cm L: 24,5cm
Sensor sensing distance 10 ~ 15 cm
Battery Type 4 AA batteries
Package dimensions H: 66,5cm W: 36,5cm L: 28cm
Warranty 6 months (valid from the date of purchase)

- Insert the 4 batteries into the battery box located on the bin cover.

- Press the power button on the back of the cover. At this time a red light will come on for approximately 3 seconds. As soon as it starts blinking (for approximately 6 seconds), the electronics will be operating in perfect condition.

- Move your hands closer to 10-15 cm from the presence sensor, located near the control buttons. The cover will open automatically after about 6 seconds, it will close automatically if there is no interference in the sensors. If there is any obstacle the cover will remain open.

- The light will blink green when the cover is opened automatically and red when closed.

- To open the trash bin manually, press the OPEN button to open and CLOSE to close. This mechanism is used to remove the basket from the bin.

- Use the plastic holder for better placement of the waste bag.


* Do not wash the trash can with running water as it contains electronic components that may be damaged;

* Clean the trash with damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth;

* Do not use abrasive and / or corrosive chemicals and sponges;

* Do not clean the body of the bin with chemicals that contain chlorine in its composition, as it reacts with the protective layer of stainless steel, causing immediate corrosion of the material;

* If the bin is left unused for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid damaging the electronic part of the bin;

* Avoid direct light exposure on the sensors, as this will cause interference and the trash can not work properly;

* Do not obstruct the automatic opening or force the closing.

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  • Product Code: 001543

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