Regarding the Biovis

Biovis is a company that manufactures hygiene and institutional cleaning equipment, located in Campo Mourão, Paraná.

Founded in 2003, it had the initial support of the Educere Foundation, a business incubator that offered management space and structure for the development of its first product. Biovis was one of the first incubated companies and had its genesis in seeking hygiene and cleaning innovation - a highly competitive niche market that still lacks equipment that combines quality, functionality and economy.

After 9 months of incubation, Biovis was established in the market. Today it is installed in its own headquarters, it has more than 50 products in its catalog and 400 reseller points throughout Brazil.


Biovis's policy is to offer the hygiene and institutional cleaning market, excellence in care and differentiated equipment, constantly seeking to improve the products, processes and people involved.