The importance of daily flossing

The importance of daily flossing

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There's no excuse: it needs to be used at least once a day. The health of the body begins with the mouth and is very deceived who believes that a good brushing is sufficient to have the teeth cleaned. Diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can progress to diseases in the lungs and even in the heart. Check below the importance of flossing:

Deep cleaning between the teeth
The brush cleans the surface of the teeth very efficiently, but it is not enough to ensure cleaning between them. It is the floss that will deeply clean the space between one tooth and another, removing the remains of food that get trapped and accumulate in these cracks and can cause oral health problems, such as caries and bacterial plaques.

Prevention of gingivitis and periodontal disease
Flossing is essential to prevent gingivitis and other periodontal diseases. The remains of food that accumulate in the gum below the visible part of the tooth have seen food for bacteria that end up causing inflammation that compromises oral health.

Prevention of bad breath
The action of the bacteria under the food remains that are trapped between the teeth causes bad breath. Therefore, the use of dental floss is paramount to combat halitosis.

Removal of bacterial plaque
The plaque is an accumulation of bacteria and food debris that settle under the teeth. When not properly removed, the plaque hardens and forms the tartar, leaving the teeth yellowish and more prone to cavities.

Contributes to a better oral aesthetics
Flossing helps maintain a better oral aesthetic. By thoroughly cleaning, removing bacteria and food debris, the dental floss helps to preserve the enamel of the teeth, making them stronger and resistant to blemishes, yellowing and breakage. And still make them brighter.

Avoid serious diseases with healthy teeth
Regular visit to the dentist improves the condition of your oral health and body in general. It is important to emphasize that many cases of stroke, infarction and other diseases of this nature may be linked to problems of oral hygiene and condition of the teeth. So, consider going to your dentist as part of maintaining your living condition.

Dental thread in children
Children can not only have to floss since the appearance of the first teeth. In addition to encouraging early care, the use of dental floss prevents the development of cavities and keeps the gums healthy. However, it is important that parents are always around to teach proper cleaning and to help prevent accidents.


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