AIRES Hand Dryer

AIRES Hand Dryer

The Aires hand dryer is compact but very efficient!

Automatic hand dryer driven by presence sensor. Practical, economical, sustainable and still makes the bathroom cleaner and more organized. With unique hot air option.

All Biovis hand dryers have the INMETRO 371/2009 conformity seal.

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Codes: 002382 (127V) / 002383 (220V)
Dimensions: 22,5×28,2×16,0cm
Net weigth: 2,400kg
Material: ABS plastic
Power: 1500W
Rotation: 2600rpm
Air flow: 20l/s or 72m³/h
Ai speed: 10m/s
Frequency: 60Hz
Noise: 40dB
Air temperature: 45ºC
Consumption: 6,8A
Drying time: up to 20s
Detection distance: up to 15cm
Protection level: IPX1
Warranty: 12 months, against manufacturing defects
NCM: 8516.33.00

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