6L Sensor Bin

6L Sensor Bin

Stainless steel trash bin with lid opening activated by presence sensor. Just reach for your hands to open the lid, without direct contact, avoiding cross contamination.

Practical and modern, this trash can is ideal for use in offices, laboratories and beauty centers.

This model has an internal plastic bucket, removable and with handle that facilitates the removal of garbage.

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Code: 001542
Dimensions: 26,0 x 24,0 x 24,0 cm
Net weight: 1,300kg
Material: polished 410 stainless steel (chrome plastic lid)
Capacity: 6 liters
Power: 4 AA alkalines batteries
Detection distance: up to 15cm
Warranty: 6 months, against manufacturing defects
NCM: 8509.80.90

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